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Providence Coffee Shop Teaches Life Skills for Local Students

Walk through the main entrance of Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital, and chances are you will notice the smell of coffee—and the energy of high school students at Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop. The Youth Transition Program at Hood River Valley High School is using the café to provide valuable work experience for youth with barriers to employment.

Each student works with program leaders from Hood River School District, Andrea Rogers, vocational rehab counselor and Cindy Posey, youth transition specialist to develop employment plans. Students work at the café throughout the year and learn valuable hands-on money management, basic business skills and customer service. Providence provides the students with all the equipment and supplies. Each student also receives training through the Providence hospital volunteer program. Any proceeds from the café support students in transition program.

Cindy Posey was thrilled to partner with Providence to provide this opportunity to local children. "I love being able to provide kids real-life job skills that can translate into a good job with other coffee shops or local businesses," she said. "I've had students tell me it's one of the reasons they come to school every day, and many have expressed how much they enjoy it. It's really helped some of the more quiet students come out of their shell."

The Hood River Valley High School Youth Transition Program works in collaboration with the Oregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, the Oregon Department of Education, and the University of Oregon. To support local high school students in this program, please consider stopping by Sacred Grounds Café for a cup of coffee between 8 and 9:30 a.m., Tuesday through Friday.

At Providence Hood River, young people are helping to build a new hospital addition with their bare hands.

Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Childrens'  Artwork Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Childrens'  Artwork
Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Childrens'  Artwork

Local Columbia River Gorge children, in cooperation with the nonprofit Columbia Center for the Arts “Summer Art Experiences” program, have begun to transform a plain gray wall, five feet high and 22 feet long, into a colorful Gorge mosaic. Commissioned by Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital, the project is the brainchild of local artists Shelley Toon Hight and Mark Nilsson.

With the “tap, tap, tap” of hammers, the kids break glossy tiles into smaller pieces and mix them into pleasing palettes of color. Under the watchful eye of the professional artists, the kids use glue guns loaded with construction cement to cover a gray cement wall with vibrant tiles. It’s a dirty job - but results will be stunning.

“This is the coolest thing I have ever done,” said one young artist, whose fingertips were covered with sticky glue gun leftovers.

The mosaic design represents a sweeping view of the Gorge area and includes curling waves, vibrant windsurfers, multi-colored pears and a panorama of spectacular scenery. The wall is located outside Providence Hood River’s new entrance on 12th Street. The mosaic is visible both inside and outside the hospital.

“This is such a treat, to watch as the art unfolds before our very eyes,” said

Ty W. Erickson, Providence Hood River’s chief executive. “We wanted to get local kids involved because this wall is a permanent part of our new hospital. Visitors will enjoy the art for years to come and the design will delight all generations,” Erickson said.

In the next few weeks, artists Nilsson and Toon Hight will add professional touches and then Providence employees will get involved in the project.

The wall mosaic is the 16th art project created this year as part of the hospital’s new 36,000 square-foot addition in Hood River.

With the expertise of 10 local artists, more than 700 students from Columbia River Gorge classrooms, from Hood River, Cascade Locks, The Dalles and White Salmon, created 15 gallery-quality projects through a partnership with the schools and nonprofit Columbia Gorge Arts in Education program inside the new Providence hospital building.

“Local children and artists throughout the Gorge put their hands and their hearts into creating our healing art gallery,” Erickson said. “They are helping to bring comfort, peace and inspiration to our patients, our visitors and our community,” he said.

Providence Hood River has a long history of working with area schools, children. artists and community groups on a variety of meaningful projects in its 77 year history. Each year, the not-for-profit hospital incorporates local healing art into its facilities.

Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital was recently awarded Oregon State’s 2009 Outstanding Community/School Partnership Award for its longstanding support of school programs with Hood River County School District.

Kids are the future – the future of our community, our health care and our world,”

said Erickson. “Many of these kids were born here, and so were their relatives and friends. This hospital is their hospital, in more ways than one.”

Women's Health

Dr. Robin Henson, MD
Dr. Robin Hensen, MD

An empowered woman is one who becomes a partner in her own health care, Robin Henson, M.D., believes. Dr. Henson, director of Providence Women’s Clinic, Elaine Adsit, M.D., and Michele Bouche, certified nurse midwife provide a full array of gynecology services, including ultrasound, basic infertility, major and endoscopic surgery, normal and high-risk obstetrical care, and urinary incontinence treatment and surgery. The goal: Put women in charge of their health.

“We love working with women, being involved with families and helping to promote healthy lifestyles.” Henson said. “We want to collaborate with our patients to provide the best gynecological services in the area.”

To schedule an appointment, please call 541-387-8940 or visit

Michele Bouche, CNM
Michele Bouche, CNM

Michele Bouche, a certified nurse midwife, joined Providence Women’s Clinic in February. Bouche graduated from Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing in Hyden, Ky., and is certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives. She has initiated and developed four midwifery practices and a private practice in Springfield, Ore., and for 30 years has worked alongside doctors and nurses as part of a comprehensive health team dedicated to patient health.
In describing her personal style as a family and birthing provider, Bouche said she believes in promoting health in a nurturing and supportive environment for families.
“I am excited to work for Providence and use my expertise to contribute to the healing and well being of the families I care for,” Bouche said. “I feel honored to be part of the extraordinary birthing experience and thrilled to be part of this amazing community.” To schedule an appointment, call 541-387-8940.

Elaine Adsit
Dr. Elaine Adsit, MD

Elaine Adsit, M.D., knows all too well the challenges, and joys, of being a mom-to-be.
Not only has Dr. Adsit worked in women’s medicine since 1989 and in Hood River since 2004, she and her husband are the parents of 5-year-old twins-- a boy and a girl. And working with expecting mothers and other patients as part of the Providence Women’s Clinic in Hood River, which she’s done since September, has been the icing on the cake.

“It’s been good working for Providence,” she said happily. “I like having the freedom to simply practice medicine without having to worry about running a business at the same time. I also like the people I work with at Providence. They have really good priorities about taking care of patients.”

Dr. Adsit is fully qualified to do surgery if a C-section or laparascopic procedures are called for. It’s a part of her practice she particularly enjoys. “I like the fact that in my field you can have patients who stay with you for a long time, and yet I still get chances to perform surgery,” she said. “And I enjoy taking care of women who are going to have babies.”
She added, “I can help them through significant medical events in their lives. It’s very fulfilling.”

Dr. Adsit loves biking, skiing and windsurfing, and spending time with her family.

All Women's Clinic staff members are passionate about promoting high quality medical services and empowering women to become partners in their health care. To schedule an appointment, call (541) 387-8940.