Family Birthing Center

Providence Hood River Memorial HospitalTour the Family Birthing Center at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital

Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital's Family Birth Center provides spacious, home-like comfortable rooms for your delivery.  When you come into the Hospital, you will stay in the same room throughout your labor, delivery, and recovery. And, your new baby will be able to stChildren in the Gorgeay with you (unless there are health concerns for you or your baby)!

The Providence Family Birthing Center offers...

  • Highly skilled, personal, compassionate care
  • Lovely, spacious, home-like bedrooms
  • Childbirth and parenting classes
  • Personal and video instruction while you're in the Birth Center on: breastfeeding, sibling rivalry, basic baby and mother care, what to expect at home and your partner's part in birthing and with the baby at home.